Arms And Armour

"Your blade may glitter with gold and jewels," said Tamar, "but this is my father's sword, and there is no nobler weapon in all of Madara than the sword of an honored ancestor. So step aside, dog, before I cut you down!
~ The Saga of Tamar of Clan Morim

Armour of the eastern continent is tube and yoke.
Padded/Quilted cloth is the cheapest and simplest. Leather and studded/plated leather and coat of plates (cloth or leather with metal sewn in) are very common as well. Further up is scale and lamellar in metal, leather, terracotta, bone/ivory, and even cement (mostly atorra) and wood (cerzi, druidi?). The heaviest armours are shaped metal pieces mounted on or edged and tied with cloth, with front, back and two side sections, and the shoulder yoke. More flexible but less durable versions use smaller bands of metal tied to each other on the vertical and horizontal.

The western continent uses more of a breasplate style, with various shapes of front and back piece wrapping partially around the side and tying at side and shoulder. It's less flexible but more comfortable as it conforms more to the wearer's body shape.

Both continents have shoulder, upper arm, forearm, back of hand, waist, upper leg, and ankle plates, in various styles but with similar functionality.