Chat Logs

These are logs of chats between Hawk and SV which might contain something related to Teller's Tales. Then again, they might not. Warning: contains occasional course language and/or stupid internet memes. May also contain trace quantities of Thalmor Guy. Processed on equipment that also processes peanuts, treenuts, and soy.

Wedsneday, May 2nd, 2012

9:55:29 PM Hawk: how's life?
9:55:51 PM Peter: notbad
9:55:58 PM Peter: basically done with classes and exams
9:56:05 PM Hawk: did you see my post on t-t?
9:56:06 PM Peter: in that I am done but for a ceramics studio cleanup tomorrow
9:56:06 PM Hawk: hooray!
9:56:11 PM Peter: yep!
9:56:58 PM Peter: Blue Rose looks… interesting :L
9:57:51 PM Peter: didn't get to the magic section… kinda stopped reading after "romance" and went back to building castles in minecraft.
9:57:52 PM Peter: >.>
9:58:27 PM Hawk: haha
9:58:32 PM Hawk: it's actually not a bad game!
9:59:15 PM Hawk:
10:01:19 PM Peter: LOL
10:01:32 PM Peter: glorious
10:02:00 PM Peter: anyway, yeah
10:02:13 PM Peter: Magic.
10:02:26 PM Peter: »The way I see it, though, we should come up with the way we want magic to function story-wise and then come up with a way for it to fit into the game.
10:02:32 PM Peter: this is really, really good and I'm glad you said that
10:02:33 PM Hawk: I said that!
10:02:37 PM Peter: mhm
10:02:38 PM Peter: 
10:03:06 PM Hawk: so let's uh do that
10:03:39 PM Peter: hard to explain in words though
10:03:40 PM Peter: dang
10:03:48 PM Peter: I wish we could mindmeld
10:04:52 PM Hawk: that would be nifty
10:06:31 PM Hawk: just um
10:07:16 PM Peter: urg, brb
10:07:31 PM Peter: i'll return with something more substantial
10:07:32 PM Peter: haha
10:11:49 PM Peter: okej, back
10:11:51 PM Peter: so
10:11:52 PM Peter: um
10:11:54 PM Peter: urf
10:12:00 PM Hawk: hurm?
10:13:44 PM Peter: right now I have sort of two things I want to balance
10:13:59 PM Hawk: shoot
10:15:42 PM Peter: I feel like the kind of magic I'm picturing is something grander and beyond the player themselves
10:15:59 PM Peter: but of course
10:16:07 PM Peter: magic-users are a popular choice
10:16:19 PM Peter: and I don't want to eliminate that
10:16:34 PM Peter: plus we've started to fluff stuff about magic, and its relation to clerical spells
10:16:42 PM Peter: and I kinda liked that element
10:16:47 PM Hawk: honestly, I really like the IH spiritualist class with regards to what you said
10:16:57 PM Hawk: the way the spiritualist works is pretty rad
10:18:13 PM Peter: is that what Sakura was?
10:20:29 PM Hawk: I don't remember
10:20:34 PM Hawk: Probably
10:20:50 PM Hawk: but the cool thing about the spiritualist is that when you wanna cast a spell, you go and make a roll to gather power tokens
10:21:06 PM Hawk: and you can buy different effects using your power tokens
10:21:27 PM Hawk: but sometimes you don't get enough for the effects you want
10:21:41 PM Hawk: and you can try and get more next round, but holding them is bad for you
10:21:48 PM Hawk: and if you push yourself further you get more
10:21:59 PM Hawk: but sometimes you hurt yourself or pass out
10:22:09 PM Peter: yeah
10:22:10 PM Peter: I like that
10:22:12 PM Peter: a lot!
10:23:14 PM Peter: I guess we did talk about just jumping ship to IH.
10:23:27 PM Peter: Probably too many balance issues trying to pick and choose rules from both 
10:23:39 PM Hawk: yeah
10:23:51 PM Hawk: IH is a good system
10:23:56 PM Hawk: but we'd have to adapt races to it
10:24:03 PM Hawk: which is not really a huge hassle honestly
10:24:23 PM Peter: yeah tbh I kind of like that, too
10:24:32 PM Peter: I think the background selections are nice
10:24:51 PM Hawk: I feel like we could do something like making a trait for species (i.e. elf, dwarf(
10:24:59 PM Hawk: and then a second trait for region
10:25:04 PM Peter: yeah… true
10:25:07 PM Hawk: (i.e. atorran, mesian, etc)
10:25:28 PM Peter: but like, having "the magic race" and "the fightan race" can be a bit much sometimes, I feel like.
10:25:53 PM Hawk: agree
10:26:17 PM Peter: I mean I don't think I've ever taken the racial bonuses into account while making Elder Scrolls characters >.>
10:26:28 PM Hawk: hehehe, yeah
10:26:37 PM Hawk: but I would like them to be differentiated mechanically
10:27:01 PM Hawk: we could make balance neutral traits for races so you can still have two traits for background
10:27:07 PM Peter: hmm
10:27:09 PM Peter: yeah
10:27:20 PM Hawk: for example elves could get +2 dexterity and −2 strength or something like that
10:27:25 PM Hawk: so there's no net gain
10:28:39 PM Peter: what if humans don't get racial bonuses but get to have the extra trait for background
10:28:53 PM Hawk: that was sort of what I had in mind
10:29:46 PM Peter: not sure if I've discussed this with you, but I imagine that the Mesiani have basically bred their race through eugenics to be spiritual.
10:29:54 PM Hawk: agree
10:30:11 PM Hawk: I like giving them some less than appealing cultural bits
10:30:26 PM Hawk: also, I kind of like eugenics
10:30:32 PM Hawk: I mean, not like in the nazi mold or anything
10:30:47 PM Peter: Also possibly something about physical appearance. My first reaction in fantasy when I hear about "the blond elves and the dark elves" is "I wonder how many generations it took to remove the gene for red hair"
10:30:54 PM Hawk: hahaha yeah
10:31:02 PM Hawk: and also agree! emphatically
10:31:21 PM Hawk: I like our sneaky anorexic nazi elves
10:31:52 PM Peter: hahaha
10:31:56 PM Hawk: who are also catholics
10:31:57 PM Peter: >.>
10:32:50 PM Peter: I feel like Delvians need a little special something though
10:33:02 PM Hawk: and I feel like the atorrans should have a more militaristic/jingoistic edge
10:33:21 PM Peter: because >short, darkvision, sunburn
10:33:24 PM Hawk: like, they should be really expansionist or something
10:33:45 PM Hawk: because I feel like they're kind of the designated good guy HONORABLE SWORDFITAN WEABOO race
10:34:29 PM Peter: I think not expansionist so much, but definitely a bit Asshole Military Government
10:34:29 PM Peter: although
10:34:38 PM Peter: the Ashaamba were supposed to be really military
10:34:54 PM Peter: like their entire culture is organised like an army
10:34:57 PM Hawk: yeah, I think their fluff needs to be puffed up
10:35:00 PM Hawk: 'cause I like them
10:35:21 PM Peter: yar
10:35:34 PM Peter: but they're in the continent we won't be visiting for at least a campaign
10:35:37 PM Peter: :L
10:35:56 PM Hawk: aww
10:36:15 PM Peter: hmm
10:36:21 PM Peter: the atorrani are pretty buildy
10:36:31 PM Hawk: true
10:36:36 PM Hawk: maybe they could use slave labour
10:36:44 PM Peter: ooh.
10:36:45 PM Peter: yes.
10:36:58 PM Peter: I could also imagine them having some pretty hardcore resource gathering operations.
10:37:02 PM Hawk: yeah
10:37:15 PM Peter: Mines scarring the earth and lumber mills decimating forests.
10:37:20 PM Hawk: I'll bet they just like have open pitmines all over the place
10:37:27 PM Peter: yes!
10:37:30 PM Hawk: they're basically japanese egyptian elves
10:38:17 PM Peter: arabic japanese egyptian elves
10:38:27 PM Hawk: that too
10:39:18 PM Peter: sudden thought
10:39:20 PM Peter: mesiani are sneaky
10:39:45 PM Peter: most cultures of older worlds tend to disapprove stealth because unfair advantage
10:39:49 PM Peter: mesiani are also very religious
10:40:07 PM Hawk: i meeeannn
10:40:12 PM Peter: bear with me here, this is going to get really stream of consciousness
10:40:19 PM Peter: I mean I'm basically thinking out loud here
10:40:48 PM Peter: stealth and logic are crafty -> logicians try to undermine arrogant, religious mesiani -> they need to defend against crafty logic -> by using logic -> crafty
10:40:50 PM Peter: uhh
10:40:57 PM Peter: (this is actually how I think)
10:41:31 PM Peter: basically. they trained people in stealth so they could defend against stealth. In the process they ended up getting really good /at/ stealth.
10:41:36 PM Peter: I'm not sure that made any sense.
10:41:41 PM Peter: oh well. historical waffling anyway.
10:41:50 PM Hawk: oh okay
10:41:53 PM Hawk: yeah that makes sense
10:42:04 PM Hawk: at first I was all 'not sure if get'
10:42:26 PM Hawk: like they got really good at sneaking around by like, running inquisitions to root out the heretics n stuff?
10:42:42 PM Peter: …basically
10:42:50 PM Peter: well
10:42:52 PM Peter: more like
10:42:55 PM Peter: …precisely
10:42:58 PM Peter: but I myself wasn't precise
10:43:00 PM Peter: …
10:43:01 PM Peter: …nevermind
10:43:03 PM Peter: XD
10:43:06 PM Hawk: haha
10:43:07 PM Peter: yeah. I like that.
10:43:08 PM Peter: hah.
10:43:56 PM Peter: anyway.
10:44:01 PM Peter: did I mention dwarves?
10:44:10 PM Peter: not sure how to manage a race so drastically different.
10:45:24 PM Hawk: yeeeah
10:45:39 PM Hawk: the dwarves in Dragon Age are like super resistant to magic
10:45:44 PM Hawk: so they can't cast spells
10:45:55 PM Hawk: but they're the only race who are able to work with raw lyrium
10:46:02 PM Hawk: which is like pure magic stuff
10:46:06 PM Hawk: it's kinda cool
10:46:10 PM Hawk: but don't wanna steal it
10:46:13 PM Peter: …I meant our delvians. And how to use them in Iron Heroes
10:46:24 PM Peter: but that reminds me, I never finished dragon age.
10:46:24 PM Hawk: there's a small trait in IH
10:46:36 PM Peter: oh, sweet.
10:46:44 PM Peter: what about low light vision
10:46:49 PM Hawk: um, there might be that too
10:46:54 PM Hawk: if not, we can just write it in
10:47:29 PM Hawk: anyway, dragon age is a good game
10:47:36 PM Hawk: the second one has really good art direction
10:47:38 PM Hawk: but a shitty plot
10:47:51 PM Hawk: they all have really well done writing and worldbuilding
10:47:57 PM Hawk: but that's a digression!
10:49:07 PM Peter: oh god, this is amazing
10:49:10 PM Hawk: by the by, I can post these chatlogs to the wiki
10:49:30 PM Hawk: •hahaha
10:49:31 PM Hawk: •wow
10:50:42 PM Peter: 
10:50:45 PM Peter: and sure
10:50:53 PM Peter: give the peoples an insight into how we converse
10:50:59 PM Peter: and worldbuild
10:51:06 PM Hawk: quite
10:51:10 PM Hawk: "the peoples'
10:51:15 PM Peter: :L
10:51:16 PM Hawk: >implying peoples
10:51:29 PM Peter: I have told a couple people at college about it
10:51:33 PM Peter: one of whom bookmarked it
10:51:41 PM Hawk: 
10:51:51 PM Hawk: I told one of my friends about it and then forgot to show it to her
10:52:05 PM Hawk: 'cause I'm super smart n stuff
10:52:10 PM Peter: and from whom I got no negative comments, which considering we had just been lambasting another couple of students' fairly generic setting, is praise itself
10:52:12 PM Peter: >.>
10:52:14 PM Peter: <.<
10:52:45 PM Hawk: did this implied person say anything of interest?
10:52:49 PM Hawk: beyond nothing bad
10:52:57 PM Peter: apparently my geography is fairly believable
10:53:04 PM Peter: er, the geography
10:53:18 PM Hawk: geography is hard to do right so I feel good about that
10:53:23 PM Hawk: and it really is your geography
10:53:25 PM Hawk: you made the map
10:54:05 PM Peter: and he seemed rather impressed by the thought put into the race page/s
10:54:24 PM Peter: knowing him, he'll quite approve of how we've handled tropes and stereotypes
10:54:58 PM Hawk: he sounds like a cool kid
10:59:23 PM Hawk: okay I'm probably gonna go asleep soon
10:59:30 PM Hawk: but I feel good about this conversation
11:00:10 PM Peter: yeah!
11:00:24 PM Peter: also with more free time now
11:00:29 PM Hawk: me too!
11:00:35 PM Peter: and no more /goddamn theatre crafts/ at /8 in the goddamn morning/
11:00:45 PM Peter: I should be around to talk more often 
11:00:54 PM Peter: although, then again, /minecraft/ >.>
11:00:55 PM Hawk: fuck yes!
11:01:12 PM Hawk: posting logs to the wiki…
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(11:02:10 PM)
11:02:31 PM Peter: sweet.
11:03:30 PM Hawk:
11:03:30 PM Peter: Timbort praised our inspiration once, I might add. Not sure if you saw that.
11:03:36 PM Hawk: newp
11:03:39 PM Peter: awesome!
11:03:39 PM Hawk: link me?
11:04:05 PM Peter: hehe
11:04:09 PM Peter: idk where it was
11:04:17 PM Peter: mighta been 16+
11:04:21 PM Hawk: oh, k
11:04:35 PM Peter: wait, nahh
11:04:37 PM Hawk: I need to into legos
11:04:44 PM Peter: I remember
11:04:45 PM Peter: hang on
11:05:27 PM Peter:
11:05:28 PM Peter: C:
11:05:45 PM Hawk: oh yeah I do remember that bit
11:06:20 PM Peter: I should also add that wobnam ( ) likes our setting.
11:06:21 PM Peter: OH!
11:06:22 PM Peter: and
11:06:27 PM Hawk: also, dig your new avatar
11:06:45 PM Peter: C:
11:06:47 PM Peter: me too 
11:06:56 PM Peter: but. yeah. I met up with a couple classic-castle friends in chicago about a month ago, and we played a lot of Heroica.
11:07:01 PM Hawk: rad
11:07:06 PM Peter: they were getting pretty into it so I used it as a gateway drug
11:07:28 PM Hawk: as a gateway drug for what?
11:07:36 PM Peter: legit RPGs
11:07:43 PM Hawk: fuck year
11:07:46 PM Peter: and we started a quick campaign, still using heroica rules mostly, but played out with me as DM, narrating and providing NPCs and moving monsters and arranging traps and such.
11:08:12 PM Peter: I brought them into the Teller's Tales setting and started them off as adventurers paid to explore the northern continent.
11:08:40 PM Hawk: that's really cool
11:09:10 PM Hawk: anyway, now that our chat logs are posted, I feel like these guys:
11:09:33 PM Peter: caylin was pretty appreciative of the setting when I showed her around the wiki.
11:09:41 PM Peter: hahaha yeah
11:09:44 PM Hawk: hooray
11:09:48 PM Hawk: Caylin is cool
11:09:55 PM Hawk: and has adorbz kittehs
11:10:22 PM Peter: yus :3
11:10:27 PM Peter: lolki
11:10:52 PM Peter: so yeah.
11:11:09 PM Hawk: but yeah our inspiration page is fucking awesome
11:12:22 PM Peter: yus
11:12:28 PM Peter: holy cow. I forgot about this link.
11:12:56 PM Hawk: oh man
11:13:14 PM Hawk: check my quote
11:14:03 PM Peter: 
11:14:06 PM Peter: nice
11:14:44 PM Hawk: also, changed 'elven subraces' to 'elven cultures'
11:14:54 PM Peter: Nice nice.
11:14:57 PM Peter: Good call.
11:15:23 PM Hawk: someone should add the whole eugenics bit to the mesiani bio
11:15:52 PM Peter: yeahhh
11:15:53 PM Peter: later
11:16:02 PM Hawk: kfine
11:16:03 PM Peter: once I get a clearer idea of it
11:16:05 PM Peter: although
11:16:12 PM Peter: that could also be a spectacular thing to /find out/
11:16:15 PM Peter: as part of a campaign
11:16:21 PM Hawk: true
11:16:37 PM Hawk: maybe we could make a HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE FOR DMS ONLY
11:16:41 PM Hawk: like in eclipse phase
11:16:59 PM Hawk: oh man I can totally see some cute mesiani pc being all angsty about it
11:17:47 PM Peter: hah
11:18:15 PM Peter: so many good roleplaying options come out of
11:18:18 PM Hawk:
11:18:19 PM Peter: …/moral complexity/
11:18:31 PM Hawk: there should be two mesiani pcs
11:18:40 PM Hawk: one should be all weepy
11:18:59 PM Hawk: and the other one should be all LEVEL NINE THOUSAND NAZI
11:19:05 PM Peter: hahahaha
11:19:12 PM Peter: oh god imagine having a thalmor in the party
11:19:14 PM Peter: on that note
11:19:18 PM Peter: skyrim stole ideas from me 
11:19:28 PM Hawk: hahaha that would be sweeeet
11:19:31 PM Peter: you know, by infiltrating my subconcious
11:19:44 PM Peter: but I swear there are things in there that I thought of before I played it :L
11:19:46 PM Hawk: I'm imagining the KoTOR 2 influence mechanic
11:20:00 PM Hawk: and no matter what you do it would be all Thalmor guy disapproves.
11:21:54 PM Peter: hahaha yeah
11:22:07 PM Peter: non-sequiter-
11:22:16 PM Hawk: You'll be all like "But…but…look how evil I am! Watch me EAT THIS PUPPY!!!"
11:22:22 PM Hawk: *Thalmor guy disapproves*
11:22:29 PM Peter: hahahaha
11:22:34 PM Hawk: oh man that's fucking sweet
11:22:49 PM Hawk: "Okay then! I'll save ALL THE ORPHANS!
11:22:58 PM Hawk: *Thalmor Guy disapproves*
11:23:22 PM Peter: bahah.
11:24:02 PM Peter: I have an imagine in my mind of huge over-trees shadowing forests with great purple leaves, and underneath, smaller green plants soak up the light that filters through.
11:24:23 PM Hawk: I have some points about that
11:24:24 PM Hawk: •dude
11:24:30 PM Hawk: •ohmigawd
11:24:32 PM Hawk: •yes
11:24:44 PM Hawk: •oh shit these sound like sex noises
11:24:46 PM Peter: note that I have no idea what I'm talking about; I Am Not A Scientist
11:24:48 PM Peter: hah
11:24:49 PM Peter: hahaha
11:24:52 PM Peter: :3
11:25:38 PM Peter: also
11:25:48 PM Peter: imagine that with the aforementioned Atorran logging ops
11:25:56 PM Hawk: DUUUUUUDE
11:25:56 PM Peter: giant purple trees felled with great saws
11:26:03 PM Peter: oh lawd
11:26:14 PM Peter: this actually fits in really well with a bit of story in my campaign
11:26:19 PM Peter: /just saying/
11:26:47 PM Hawk: also awesome
11:27:29 PM Peter: maybe we should add a bit of this to the chatlogs as well
11:27:31 PM Peter: ?/?
11:27:37 PM Hawk: y
11:32:11 PM Peter: not sure how you got the logs in the first place 
11:32:23 PM Peter: *is on facebook*
11:32:24 PM Hawk: money, dear boy
11:32:29 PM Peter: ;-;
11:32:44 PM Hawk: actually, my chat client has a built in logger

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

1:01:52 PM Hawk: glad you like the culture system
1:02:02 PM Hawk: I'm eager to start implementing it
1:03:51 PM Peter: mm
1:04:08 PM Peter: I think it seems a lot neater than just hijacking traits
1:04:11 PM Peter: Great find 
1:04:13 PM Hawk: hope I didn't overstep my bounds with the magic stuff
1:04:27 PM Peter: No, I'm digging it
1:04:49 PM Peter: Not sure about the "Wheel", mostly as a name, it almost feels too… concrete/solid
1:05:01 PM Peter: (but feel free to sell it to me)
1:05:02 PM Hawk: the wheel's been in there for a long time actually
1:05:10 PM Hawk: but if you want to change it we can talk about
1:05:13 PM Hawk: *that
1:05:50 PM Hawk: I kind of conceptualize it as sort of like an ever spinning wheel of, I dunno, potential spiritual power
1:06:06 PM Hawk: and when you want to use that power you put your hands on the wheel and try to scrape some off
1:06:15 PM Hawk: but it's a wheel, see, and it's spinning
1:06:26 PM Hawk: so if you're not careful it's like putting your hands on a grindstone
1:06:44 PM Hawk: also I was kind of thinking of this
1:06:54 PM Hawk: but we can change the name
1:06:57 PM Hawk: or the metaphysics
1:07:31 PM Hawk: the idea was kind of that the wheel is so removed from human conciousness that that's just sort of how spiritualists visualize it
1:07:42 PM Peter: I guess it just sounds too literal to me but I like the imagery
1:07:50 PM Peter: so, works for me
1:07:53 PM Hawk: and using magic is, like, touching that power source and siphoning off a little
1:08:06 PM Hawk: if you want to change the name, we can do that though, I'm not super attached to it
1:08:14 PM Hawk: just wanted to explain some of my reasoning
1:09:14 PM Hawk: also, it's been like that for a long time, since I created the page
1:09:34 PM Hawk: but thanks for sharing your thoughts
1:09:38 PM Hawk: sorry I'm talking so fast
1:10:26 PM Hawk: also, I dunno if you use the recent changes/page history tools on wikidot very much
1:10:48 PM Hawk: but I do, and I want to suggest that when you edit a page, if possible, you summarize what you've added in the edit comments box
1:10:52 PM Hawk: I just started doing that
1:12:07 PM Peter: Well I did see the Wheel quote at the top but that was in the magic's infancy, before we really started narrowing down what magic is to teller's tales
1:12:18 PM Hawk: fair enough
1:12:31 PM Hawk: if you want to talk magic, I
1:12:40 PM Hawk: would love to hear more about what you have in mind
1:12:41 PM Peter: But yeah, I'm fine with it
1:13:05 PM Peter: And yeah I usually use the recent changes page, and I saw the summaries. I'll try to remember to summarise my edits as well 
1:13:12 PM Hawk: awesome 
1:13:37 PM Hawk: the way I see it, the spiritualist reaches out to the source of magic directly, and shapes it using their own mind/body
1:13:58 PM Hawk: this is why they have the most options for spells
1:14:12 PM Hawk: but the mortal vessel is fallible, which is why they can fail or overtax themselves
1:14:24 PM Hawk: and they have to be careful about how much magic they 'scoop up'
1:14:29 PM Peter: yeah
1:15:03 PM Hawk: meanwhile, the warlock and druid use magic differently - they get their powers from other entities that are closer to the wheel (or whatever we end up calling the magic source doodad)
1:15:36 PM Hawk: the warlock's powers come from demons (and I think of Teller's Tales demons as being very different from D&D demons)
1:15:44 PM Hawk: (more on that later. or now.)
1:15:57 PM Peter: mm
1:16:02 PM Peter: i'd like to hear more about these demons
1:16:06 PM Hawk: the demons are close to the wheel so they channel a little of their power to warlocks who make pacts with them
1:16:08 PM Hawk: okay 
1:16:20 PM Peter: i do have some clear(ly muddled) thoughts on other beings myself
1:16:32 PM Hawk: so the way I see demons, and this is pretty vague
1:16:53 PM Hawk: they're not really informed by christian demons as much as D&D
1:17:06 PM Hawk: they're not evil
1:17:11 PM Hawk: well, not entirely
1:17:20 PM Hawk: they're more like Blue & Orange Morality
1:17:33 PM Hawk: some of them might be closer to evil though
1:17:42 PM Hawk: they're definitely not friendly
1:17:55 PM Hawk: and they're not red guys with horns. or at least not entirely
1:18:09 PM Hawk: though I do like them being associated with horns, fur, and fire
1:18:19 PM Hawk: they're much more lovecraftian in form
1:18:38 PM Peter: hmm
1:18:51 PM Hawk: the simplest demons are powerful but animalistic and weak-willed
1:19:11 PM Hawk: demons can't really travel to Madara without some kind of gateway
1:19:15 PM Hawk: which is usually a summoner
1:19:28 PM Hawk: and you can summon simple demons and bind them to your service
1:19:37 PM Hawk: the more powerful demons are more humanlike
1:19:54 PM Hawk: they're sentient, but their desires and goals are often bizarre and frequently destructive
1:20:07 PM Hawk: they love trading with mortals - some see this more as tempting mortals
1:20:15 PM Hawk: usually they offer power and wealth
1:21:03 PM Hawk: bargaining with demons can be dangerous
1:21:44 PM Hawk: they may not be evil, not exactly, but they're definitely mean
1:22:08 PM Hawk: maybe what I mean is they don't /metaphysically represent/ evil (although some religions would disagree on that point)
1:22:13 PM Hawk: oh man I'm ranting
1:22:18 PM Hawk: that's sort of how I see it
1:23:23 PM Peter: hmm
1:26:34 PM Hawk: any thoughts?
1:31:18 PM Peter: I like it in itself but I think something more grounded would work.
1:31:19 PM Peter: like
1:31:38 PM Peter: what I've been picturing, for the scant occasions that demons actually 'appear'
1:31:47 PM Peter: they're pretty bestial
1:32:10 PM Hawk: okay, fair enough
1:32:23 PM Hawk: maybe the more advanced demons can be contacted
1:32:24 PM Peter: if they can communicate with humans, they don't show it
1:32:41 PM Hawk: but they don't show up physically very much if ever
1:32:47 PM Peter: yeah
1:32:51 PM Peter: yeah!
1:32:52 PM Hawk: they just give warlocks power and maybe give out information
1:32:56 PM Peter: that's exactly what I was about to say
1:33:14 PM Hawk: I like the idea that if someone summoned a more powerful demon it would be like a fantasy nuke
1:33:29 PM Peter: more advanced demons might be a voice in the sky by an overgrown temple
1:33:38 PM Hawk: yeah!
1:33:46 PM Hawk: this is what I had in mind, sort of
1:33:57 PM Peter: or even just a voice in your head (which, you know, you could also just be a nut)
1:34:07 PM Hawk: yeah
1:34:25 PM Hawk: and you have to go through a difficult ritual to contact them on deliberately
1:34:35 PM Peter: mm
1:34:40 PM Peter: yeah
1:35:00 PM Hawk: and sometimes they just decide your sanity looks delicious instead of actually giving you whatever you ask for
1:35:26 PM Peter: hahah yes
1:35:54 PM Peter: and sometimes they may give you /exactly/ what you want
1:35:59 PM Peter: like, 'be careful what you wish for'
1:36:17 PM Hawk: oh yeah, definitely
1:36:34 PM Peter: or just ask vague prices for certain requests that turn out to be much worse the original problem
1:36:34 PM Hawk: but I like the idea that if you ave a really strong will, you can kinda bludgeon them into giving you what you want
1:36:44 PM Hawk: that too
1:37:07 PM Hawk: the lesser demons you can 'bind' - maybe that's how a warlock gets his powers
1:37:14 PM Hawk: or one way a warlock gets powers, anyway
1:37:57 PM Peter: mhm
1:42:13 PM Hawk: I also like the idea that demons can posess/corrupt objects and places
1:43:05 PM Peter: yes!
1:43:48 PM Peter: btw
1:43:54 PM Peter: I like what you added to the Eastern Empire
1:43:58 PM Peter: oh oh /and/
1:44:05 PM Peter: the culture quotes you added
1:44:10 PM Hawk: hooray
1:44:15 PM Peter: so rad 
1:44:20 PM Peter: I love the Atorrani battle hymn.
1:44:32 PM Hawk: YYYAAAAAAY
1:44:56 PM Hawk: inspiration
1:47:09 PM Peter: haha! nice.
1:48:58 PM Hawk: glad you approve
1:49:02 PM Hawk: atorrans love punk rock
1:50:16 PM Peter: I replied to your notepad
1:50:18 PM Peter: in several places
1:50:31 PM Peter: (forgot to edit-summarise though)
1:50:43 PM Peter: oh, wait
1:50:47 PM Peter: it's still on preview
1:50:50 PM Peter: derp
1:50:50 PM Hawk: haha
1:52:06 PM Peter: okej, done
1:52:21 PM Peter: hey, interested in seeing some scans that I don't believe have seen the light of day yet?
1:52:25 PM Hawk: yussss
1:52:32 PM Peter: cultures from the western and northern continents
1:52:38 PM Peter: and an animal from the northern
1:52:44 PM Peter:
1:53:15 PM Hawk: fuck yeah
1:53:21 PM Hawk: okay, I'm gonna have to go soon
1:53:25 PM Hawk: I'll log this chat
1:54:50 PM Peter: sweet
1:54:55 PM Peter: adding descriptions to the imgur link btw
1:54:59 PM Hawk: awesome
1:55:03 PM Hawk: I'm reading your replies
1:55:48 PM Hawk: thanks for fixin my italics
1:57:07 PM Hawk: okay, re: druid, they get Wild Shape at level one, but they can only turn into small animals
1:57:16 PM Hawk: they get bigger and stronger animals as they level up
1:57:43 PM Hawk: that's just the way the class works - I don't want to re-write it because I'm concerned about balance
1:57:47 PM Hawk: also, there are drawbacks
1:58:02 PM Hawk: you gain 'feral tokens' every ten minutes you're an animal
1:58:25 PM Hawk: and they damage your mental attributes when they exceed the amount you can tolerate
1:59:11 PM Hawk: also, remember, the pcs are meant to be heroes
1:59:17 PM Hawk: not everyone will be members of pc classes
1:59:21 PM Hawk: okay, I've got to go
1:59:38 PM Hawk: unless you want to start working on the culture system now, I'll start on it later today
1:59:42 PM Hawk: logging chats…
2:00:39 PM Peter: okej, that works.
2:00:45 PM Hawk: awesome
2:00:54 PM Peter: cheers!
2:01:00 PM Hawk: bai!
2:01:01 PM Peter: finished descriptions for those pics
2:01:03 PM Hawk: rad
2:01:13 PM Peter: I'll put some stuff up on my journal too
2:01:15 PM Peter: cya~
2:01:18 PM Hawk: yay!
2:01:21 PM Hawk: baiaaaaiii