The Eastern Empire


As she ascended to the eternal throne of godhood, she spoke unto them:
"All these lands are yours. They are not for the heretics and their demon gods, nor for the elves and their unholy magic. Go forth and take them in my name!"
And at the sound of her voice, all the warriors' hearts burst into righteous flame.
~ The Book of the Red Empress, canto 18, verse 4


Life in the empire is heavily regimented, and


Red Lady, Iron Lady, accept my sacrifice that I not bring misfortune to my legion.
Red Lady, Iron Lady, accept my sacrifice that I not bring misfortune to my empire.
~ Soldier's prayer

The Empire's armies are divided into three groups: the White Legions, the Black Legions, and the Red Legions. The White Legions are soldier-fanatics under the command of the church. Although relatively few in number, they are fearsome warriors. While they often do battle with outside foes, they are also responsible for providing muscle for the church's inquisitors. The Black Legions, composed mostly of conscripts, form the bulk of the Empire's forces. They garrison most of the Empire's fortified cities, and fight to the death in a human tide on the battlefield. They are commanded by the Empire's generals and military governors. Finally, the Red Legion is the Empress' personal elite guard. Expert warriors equipped with the finest arms and armor, they defend the Imperial Palace and important leaders, spearhead assaults on enemy lines, and perform special missions in enemy territory.


The faith of the Eastern Empire is based around the veneration of the Red Empress, Daž-Szara-Kamai (literally, Red-Haired-Goddess). In Spring 210 (Summer 1), Daž-Szara, a powerful general, unified the warring tribes of her homeland against the forces Old God Makaesh, who held them in bondage. Daž-Szara miraculously slew the Old God, and a spark of divinity was somehow planted in her soul. In recognition for their liberation, the freed tribespeople crowned her Empress of the newly-formed Eastern Empire, making Makaesh's city her capitol. The new Empress quickly turned her ambitions to conquest, and levied the first Imperial Army, conquering the surrounding tribes with infrastructure taken from the servants of the Old God, winning even more devotion from her people. Through some combination of her killing of Makaesh and the worship of her people, Daž-Szara ascended to godhood after her death, becoming the patron deity of the empire she carved out.

The imperials also revere the Seven Exarchs, men and women who are said to have joined the Red Empress in godhood. Each of the Seven Exarchs exemplifies a particular facet of virtue.

Daž-Szara grants her clerics access to the War and Sun domains. A cleric may instead choose to worship one of the Seven Exarchs, gaining the Exarch's domain in addition to one of Daž-Szara's.