Essay on the Discovery of Anmar

Essay on the Discovery of Anmar

Before the building of the Pathfinder's Bridge, Anmar was a blank spot on the maps of the world.
Bordered by gorges, mountains, and the sea, it was nigh unreachable. Common folk said here were monsters.
Religious orders said it was cursed. Philosophers said it was a land blessedly untouched by man. Scientists
said it was merely land. But adventurers and explorers of the world were not satisfied with saying what it was.
They wanted to see what it was.

A handful of freeform expeditions were led- crossing the gorge on rope at great risk of falling,
or scaling the mountains at great risk of freezing, or falling yet again. After great loss of life, a few of these
expeditions made it to the other side- but did not return.

Finally, a large sum from an anonymous source was donated towards the building of a bridge to
cross the great gorge from Mesia. Atorran architects collaborated with Mesian artists to design something of
historical style, modern technology, and timeless significance.

The great bridge was completed in a record time of two decades, and within a year of its completion,
the newly-founded explorer's guild had forty registered expeditions, and had caught half that trying to cross
without paying the guild fee.

In the end, what the explorers saw was quite unlike what had been said. The land was no more
monstrous than any other, and no curse seemed apparent. However, it was neither untouched nor merely
land- it was inhabited.

A civilization of man was discovered, with a unique culture, and as little knowledge of the outside
world as the outside world had of them. Called the Änmare (translated to Mesianic as Anmari) they had lived
isolated for hundreds of years.

Five years later, we come to the present, where we can look back on what has since transpired.
This will be denied, but the truth is that the resulting culture clash was devastating to the Anmari. We did not fight
them outright, and made to be friends. However, regardless of intention, Mesian missionaries trampled Anmar
culture, Mesian diseases wasted Anmar citizens, and Mesian guilds began stripping Anmar resources.

Would Anmar have been better off undiscovered by the rest of the world? Or have we, despite our
crimes, truly given them chance to grow? In the end, we cannot change the past.
However, perhaps we can learn for the future.