Thought to be either a divergent human species or a parallel evolution, Orkken (in Mesic, Orcani; in Atorric, Orkhani) lived along the length of the Tusk and in many of the Western Continent's deserts, but have since been driven away by various human cultures an live primarily in the tip of the Tusk, though there are many in the Cape of Free Peoples, the Fiefdoms of both continents, and in slums in human and elven countries.


Having evolved primarily in the desert, they originally had chlorophyllic skin with a greenish-blue tint, allowing them to absorb the harsh light of the sun, rather than burn or tan. However, with most orkken living away from the desert for hundreds of generations, the average skin tone has lightened and lost most of the blue tint. While it is very easy to determine a city ork from a desert dweller, all orkken still retain their ancestors ability to survive in hot and dry conditions.

They also have hollow, open tipped tusks coming from their lower jaw. Though imposing, the teeth are not fangs for piercing meat, but arose from a common desert-dweller's trait and were used for sucking the juice from thorned, thick shelled or sun-leathered plants. Though orkken are not completely vegetarian, green plants make up a large portion of their diet, as chlorophyll is a major nutrient needed to maintain a healthy orkish metabolism. Meats are considered a delicacy by the orkken, as good meat is rare in their desert homeland, and they are usually served only on special occasions. Orkken cuisine makes little use of cooking, preferring alternate methods such as drying or salting for preserving food.

Orkken clothing styles are usually relatively light and loose, for comfort in hot climate, and frequently dyed in bright colors using dyes derived from desert plants. Orkken living among other cultures are very willing to adopt other forms of dress. Traditional armor styles are lightweight, consisting primarily of cloth and leather, with studded leather used for greater protection. Orkken warriors are very adaptable, however, and those living in cooler climates have readily adopted western-style metal plate armor. Large round shields round out the orkken defencive kit. Used both in hand-to-hand combat and for protection against arrows and thrown spears, these shields can also provide much-needed shade on a hot desert day.