The Väwlrii
collab culture building with micah.

The Väwlrii (pronounced Vay-el-rri) long ago lived in a mountainous region of the mainland currently situated in Delvian territory. At the time the Väwlrii were a very primitive people and superstitious people who were forced by an unknown power to the north easternmost edge of the continent. The land was brutal and many of the weaker Väwlrii were killed due to the elements. Those that survived were only the biggest, and most aggressive of the people. This would have been the end of the Väwlrii but they were able to attack and overpower a Delvian fishing fleet who happened to be passing by. The leader of the expedition was able to barter for his life by teaching them to navigate and fish. He also took them to his familial fishing ground where the Väwlrii discovered an island chain they named Pourewai, meaning “Landing Place”.

Vawlrii society typically consists of a chieftan who rules the surrounding area with his council of elders. The chieftain is typically the oldest and most experienced of the ship captains. The hierarchy of the society breaks down into three tiers; the village leader and his elders at the top, the ship captains, the merchants/craftsman, and the common man. Typically the ship captains settle disputes within their neighborhoods, but if the dispute is between two captains then the problem will be brought before the council.

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